Donald Trump Says He Thinks Obama 'Hates Israel'

Fresh from the debate, Trump stumps in Nevada.

— -- Fresh off his third debate, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took a shot at President Obama, saying that he thinks the commander in chief "hates Israel."

Trump made the remarks before a crowd of 4,000 in Nevada –- his second trip to the state.

A person in the crowd shouted “Israel” trying to get Trump’s attention. “I heard the beautiful name of Israel,” Trump said. He vowed to protect the country, adding “Israel is safe with this one,” pointing to himself.

But he took a swipe at the president on the issue, saying that the Iran deal "is so bad for Israel, so dangerous."

"They [Israel] have a president who they actually think Obama hates Israel. I think he does..." Trump said, adding that he thinks Israel is "in such a massive amount of trouble. Because of the agreement.”

Trump also mentioned the election of Paul Ryan today, saying he hopes the new Speaker will be able to unify the house.

Trump heads back to New York Thursday and will be on the trail again Saturday in Virginia.