Donald Trump Open to Gun Law Change, But Says Armed Clubgoers Could Have Stopped Orlando Gunman

"You would have had a very, very different result," he said.

"We have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even an inclination toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns," Trump told Karl in an interview to air Sunday on "This Week."

Asked by Karl if his position is that those on the no-fly or terror watch list should not be able to purchase a gun, Trump responded, "I'd like to see that, and I'd like to say it. And it's simpler. It's just simpler."

In a tweet Wednesday, Trump announced he would meet with the NRA to discuss banning those on the terror watch list or no fly list from buying guns.

The NRA responded with a tweet of its own:

But on Saturday, even as Trump stood by his remarks that more guns in the club may have been able to change the outcome, he seemed to contradict himself again.

"This was not about guns. This was about terrorism," he said.

ABC News’ Nicki Rossoll contributed to the report.