Donald Trump's Immigration Speech Resonated With His Base

Some of his core supporters were clearly thrilled.

September 01, 2016, 4:11 PM

— -- The confusion over Donald Trump's immigration policy in recent weeks was put to rest last night after he gave his long-awaited policy speech in Arizona.

The Republican presidential nominee's list of policy initiatives offered a few new details, but they largely sounded familiar, having previously cited them on the campaign trail.

To some supporters, though, that was likely a good thing.

Chris Haynes, an assistant professor of political science at University of New Haven and co-author of "Framing Immigrants," said Trump's message and the words he used to convey that message last night resonated with his core supporters, who were perplexed of late with his messaging.

"He had started to modulate, he had started to soften his language and a lot of his core supporters began to wonder and question what is Donald Trump doing? This is an issue that he had been rock solid on," Haynes told ABC News. "I think to his core supporters, they were hearing what they wanted to hear."

One person who certainly appeared pleased with Trump's speech was conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter. She tweeted throughout the speech and suggested that Trump's speech should go down in the history books.

Even further on the far right, former KKK grand wizard and former Congressman David Duke tweeted specific policy lines Trump spoke about, as did alt-right leader Jared Taylor.

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