Doug Jones hosts NBA legend Charles Barkley for rally night before Alabama election

The Basketball Hall of Famer and Alabama native supported the Democrat Monday.

Barkley, a native of Leeds, Alabama, and regular supporter of Democrats, pushed Jones as the smart voter's choice for Senate from the state.

"At some point we have got to stop looking like idiots to the nation," Barkley said.

"How can that man be in the lead?" he said, referencing Moore.

Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct by eight women when he was in his 30s and, in some cases, when the women were in their teens. Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations. He did so again Monday night, saying, "The fake news began after I [had an] 11-point lead in the general election."

"Only in Alabama could you send a white nationalist, separatist, who don't believe in race mixing to come to Alabama three times and get cheered at a Roy Moore rally," Barkley said of Bannon. "That is crazy. Look at all these races here ... and this guy wants to stand up and say he don't believe in race mixing. That is crazy."

Barkley is a regular on the political circuit in Alabama, mentioning several times since his retirement from the NBA he would be interested in running for governor. He supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and was an outspoken opponent of Trump in 2016.

Jones joined Barkley on stage, joking with the Auburn legend over Jones being a University of Alabama graduate.

The candidate reiterated a familiar appeal to putting "decency and our state before political party."

Jones' crescendo moment came about midway through his speech. He said it was time for the state to say, "No more putting people down, no more discrimination. ... It is time we say, no more!" The crowd started chanting, "No Moore!" in a play on Jones' phrase.

"Generations to come will feel the effects of what is going on in Alabama right now," Milano told ABC News' Stephanie Ramos. "To me this election is more than Democrat and Republican, it is about right vs. wrong."