Elizabeth Warren as Big of a Draw in Ohio as Hillary Clinton

Warren fired up the crowd in Cincinnati.

“I’m here as a newbie. I’ve been a Republican all my life and I’m making the switch," said Jennifer Richardson, a speech pathologist from Cincinnati who now lives right across the border in Kentucky.

“She’s the reason why I came down today," Richardson, 48, said, referring to Warren. “There’s no mystery about where Elizabeth Warren stands. She’s very straightforward in her beliefs."

Richardson called Trump's candidacy "ugly" and said it forced her to look around. Now, the possibility of a Warren/Clinton ticket is "magnifying" to former Republican.

“She helps define the progressive side," Smith. "A lot of Bernie voters are going to come over just because Elizabeth Warren is here too."

For financial adviser Michele Bertaux, of Cincinnati, her support of Sanders is what attracted her to Warren and was the reason why she came to the Clinton campaign event.

“I continue to support his policies," said the 62-year-old. "My goal will be to continue to support those getting into the platform and holding Hillary to the extent that she started to move more progressive, to see that that maintains. And that's why I'm happy Elizabeth is here because that to me is a good sign. I adore Elizabeth warren as much as I adore Bernie!”

Warren is being formally vetted as a possible Vice President pick for Clinton, a source familiar with the process told ABC News today. Clinton was asked repeatedly about the prospect of putting Warren on the ticket while greeting supporters on the rope line after her remarks, but declined to respond.

“I’m not making any news today," she said with a smile.

During her remarks, Clinton called Warren "my friend" and a "great leader" as the two stood side-by-side raising their hands together at one point, similar to what one would see at a party convention. This marked Clinton's third visit to Ohio since becoming the presumptive nominee and although Warren's attacks on Trump received much fanfare from the crowd, supporters were heard chanting "Hillary, Hillary, Hillary" even before Clinton had said a word.

“I wanted to see Hillary Clinton in person. I think history is being made,” said Kate O’Donnell, who wasn't aware Elizabeth Warren was going to speak at the event until she arrived.