Eric Trump Using 'Zero' Speechwriters for RNC Speech

Eric Trump will deliver a speech tonight at the Republican National Convention.

ByABC News
July 20, 2016, 7:53 AM

— -- Eric Trump’s speech tonight at the Republican National Convention will come from his heart and be in his own words, he promised today.

“Zero,” Trump said on "Good Morning America" when asked whether any speechwriters helped compose his address in support of his dad, Donald Trump. “I wrote every single word of my speech myself.”

“I think sometimes when you write from the heart, and I’ll certainly deliver it from the heart, the product will be what it will be,” Trump, 32, added. “But it will be certainly sincere and full of love and full of emotion and that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Trump’s stepmother, Melania Trump, is still facing fallout from the speech she gave Monday night in which she used phrases that bore striking resemblance to the speech Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Trump did not comment on that speech, which the Trump campaign has denied was plagiarized. He did give high praise to his older brother, Donald Trump Jr., and younger sister, Tiffany Trump, who both delivered well-received speeches at the RNC Tuesday night.

“The bar is high,” Trump said, adding his brother did “an amazing job” and his sister “nailed it.”

The siblings, who also include Ivanka Trump, have all been close advisers on their father’s presidential campaign. But Trump said he does not imagine the siblings’ moving to Washington, D.C., if their father wins

“Probably not,” Trump said of a potential role in a Trump administration. “I mean, first of all, if he ever made the call I would be there in two seconds and the same goes for Ivanka and the same thing obviously goes for Don.”

Trump added, “I think we’ll be staying in New York, you know, continuing his legacy, but we’ll always be there.”

For Trump, part of being there for his dad in this presidential campaign has meant traveling the country, a trip he called a “wild journey.”

“It’s certainly a journey that I never appreciated as kind of a traditional civilian, right, not being a politician,” he said. “It’s been wild. It’s been fun. It’s been energetic. We’ve literally seen every corner of this country as we’ve gone through and that’s a beautiful process.”

Trump said his speech tonight will “focus on the why” of his father's campaign, why Donald Trump would forgo his success in New York City to put himself in the spotlight and rigor of the campaign trail.

“I really focus on the why because I think it’s such an important question,” Trump said. “Here’s a guy who is kind of in the apex of his career. He does not need to be doing this.

“My father cares deeply about this country. This country has given him everything.”

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