Experts Weigh In on Trump's and Clinton's Plans to Stop Another Mass Shooting

Trump proposed barring Muslims from the U.S., and Clinton called for focus.

— -- In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, politicians and civilians alike are looking for answers on how to prevent other attacks.

Trump's Call for a Temporary Muslim Ban

Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and an informal Clinton adviser, said that he finds it difficult to be analytical and fair in evaluating Trump's suggested plan to prevent other attacks.

"His proposal to ban Muslim immigrants makes no sense in light of where [Orlando nightclub shooter Omar] Mateen came from, not to mention San Bernardino (at least for the male shooter there)," O'Hanlon told ABC News via email.

"He is playing on people's fears — and the fact that some of them won't bother to learn where Mateen was born — to demagogue the issue," he said. Mateen was born in New York to Afghan parents.

In addition to saying that a ban on foreign Muslims "isn't feasible," he said that it could do damage both at home and abroad.

"Trump just proposing a ban can potentially undermine important operational relationships needed to prevent future attacks," Cohen said.

Clinton's Call for a Team Focused on Lone Wolf Attackers

Details are scant about the "dedicated team" that Clinton would form that would be "exclusively" tasked with tracking suspected lone wolf terrorists, but Cohen and O'Hanlon think it would be the more effective of the two plans, though they both point out that there are flaws.

He added, "ISIS has targeted this vulnerable population, and our efforts to address violent extremism need to address these underlying issues as well. Today they don't."

O'Hanlon said that Clinton's comments "lack detail and therefore can't be critiqued for how she would defeat ISIS."

"But at least she's engaging on the specifics of the issue without trying to divide Americans from each other," he said.

Pipes, who describes himself as "never Trump, never Clinton," said that while he is opposed to Trump's suggested ban, he thinks that Clinton's reticence to focus on Muslims makes her plan ineffective as well. "I think hers is ineffective because she's unwilling to focus in on the target population," he said.

Experts aren't the only ones wondering about the most effective way to prevent another mass shooting. Clinton has called for a national discussion to find a solution.

"The barbarity we face from radical jihadists is profound," she said in a speech today. "So I would like to have a worthy debate on the best way to keep our country safe. That's what Americans deserve."