Fact checking White House adviser Stephen Miller's controversial immigration claims

Stephen Miller's polling claims pose mixed answers about immigration

Here are a few more of Miller's claims and how they stand up to the facts:

Claim: Net migration rates are increasing at a “record pace.”

Claim: "Every year, we issue a million more green cards."

Claim: “The reason why some companies want to bring in more unskilled labor is because they know that it drives down wages.”

Claim: The flow of unskilled workers are “reducing pay for [unskilled labor] positions and reducing [native unskilled workers'] chance of getting those jobs."

Claim: “Ultra-high-skilled workers are in the back of the line to get into the country.”

Claim: "Over 50 percent of our households of legal immigrants today participate in our social welfare system."

Claim: “Public support is so immense on this [legislation], just look at the polling data in many key battleground states across the country.”