Future of Clinton Foundation Hinges on Election

Changes to the way the foundation operates have already begun.

Here is a rundown of what is known about the future for the foundation.

What Changes Have Already Happened at the Foundation?

Staff at the Clinton Foundation are working on scaling back operations and handing off a number of its ongoing programs to other organizations that can help continue the efforts that the foundation started, according to foundation officials.

The specifics of these plans have not been publicly disclosed.

Why Not Just Stop Some of the Foundation Work Now?

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon defended the continued work of the foundation on MSNBC this morning.

Fallon said that the steps that are being taken to lessen the foundation's reach are "not taken lightly" because it is "going to drastically curtail" the "life-saving" programs that it has invested in.

Bill Clinton announced Monday that he will no longer raise money for the foundation should his wife win in November.

The former president said that it would be presumptive to assume a November win, but officials for his foundation say that talks about protocol changes have been ongoing since February.

"If Hillary is elected president, the Foundation’s work, funding, global reach, and my role in it will present questions that must be resolved in a way that keeps the good work going while eliminating legitimate concerns about potential conflicts of interest," Bill Clinton wrote in a letter sent to supporters via email on Monday.

What Other Changes to the Foundation Will There Be If Hillary Wins?

One of the major sources of revenue for the foundation will be cut off. Spokespeople from the foundation said that it would end all foreign contributions.

Instead, the foundation will only accept contributions from U.S. citizens and independent charities.

Not all changes will be behind the scenes, however.

It has already been announced that Bill and Chelsea Clinton will not fundraise for the foundation if Hillary Clinton is in office.

When Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, she stopped fundraising for the foundation, and presumably will adopt a similar stance should she be elected.

What Happens to the Foundation If Hillary Loses?

Presumably nothing, but neither foundation officials nor campaign spokespeople have directly addressed that.