GOP congressman says no room for compromise in repealing Obamacare

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio founded the House Freedom Caucus.

"We didn't tell the American people we're going to repeal it -- except we're going to keep some of the tax increases that some are talking about. We told them we were going to repeal it and replace it with a market-centered, patient-centered plan that actually brings back affordable health insurance," Jordan said.

"Sounds like he's talking about you. What's your answer to your governor?" Stephanopoulos asked Jordan.

"Remember what the American people were sold," Jordan said. "They were sold a bill of goods on this thing. I tell people, they were sold a Caribbean cruise and they got the Titanic."

Obamacare has "all these mandates, all these regulations," he continued. "If [people] don't buy it, they're going to get penalized ... That's what Americans are living under now."

"And you're confident you have the votes for that?" Stephanopoulos asked.

"We better have the votes for that because that's what we told the people, and I'm confident President Trump wants to do that," Jordan said.