GOP memo does not clear Trump of wrongdoing: Christie

The former New Jersey governor had some legal advice for President Trump.

Christie, now an ABC News contributor, after his second term as governor ended last month, was asked on the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast whether the Nunes memo clears Trump’s name.

“It’s not in the president’s interest to sit down with a prosecutor, and to give that prosecutor unfettered access to his thoughts and feelings about a whole variety of issues that have happened over a long period of time where the president’s recollection may be very good and in some instances it’s not,” Christie told ABC News’ Rick Klein in an interview Wednesday.

“[Porter has] resigned. And that is a move that brings disgrace to your name and your reputation. Because he didn’t resign voluntarily. It’s clear that he was forced to resign given the circumstances," Christie said. "If they didn’t know, it’s a failure of vetting.”

Christie said much of the criticism of Trump earlier this week for calling Democrats “un-American” and “treasonous” for not applauding his State of the Union address was misguided.

“Sometimes people just take some of the things he says, I think, too literally and too seriously,” Christie said. Queens natives like Trump, he said, “tend to be a little bit hyperbolic and all the rest of that in their speech, a little bit dramatic, and I think the president is clearly that.”

"I am happy for Eagles fans, because previous to this, they were the angriest, most miserable fans in America," Christie said.

"The cloak of failure, that’s been on them since 1960, has been lifted."