GOP Sen. Gardner's message to 'Dreamers:' There won't be 'mass deportations'

The Colorado lawmaker was a guest on the "Powerhouse Politics" podcast.

— -- Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, who has been on the frontlines in the battle to hammer out an immigration deal, wants to reassure "Dreamers" they will not be deported.

Gardner worries about the 800,000 people that are in the midst of turmoil and fear because their legal status is set to run out on March 5. The Trump administration has announced the U.S. would end in March the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival which would bring an end to the temporary protection extended to these undocumented migrants.

Gardner joked that the number of senators at the negotiating table keeps changing so it should be called the "Gangs of Prime Numbers."

Even though Gardner is known for his optimistic outlook –- an “over-caffeinated hamster,” is how he jokingly described himself –- he will cross swords when necessary.

Although pressed by ABC News' Karl, Gardner refrained from commenting on Arpaio, saying he was more impressed by Arizona Rep. Martha McSally who has also thrown her hat in the ring. He also didn't think Arpaio reflected the “values” of Arizona voters.

"It’s not up to me," Gardner said. "It’s up to the people of Arizona. There’s going to be plenty of choices in this race."

Gardner also spoke about his occasional disagreement with the electorate. For example, despite his disapproval, he admitted his state is high on legalizing pot.

He adds, laughing, "I believe if that vote was held today. It would actually pass by a greater margin today than it did then."

“To me," he said, "it’s a states’ rights issue.” And that’s where Gardner is on the same page as the pot smokers in his state.