Greg Pence, brother of the vice president, may be running for Congress

The seat was represented by the vice president for more than 10 years.

— -- Greg Pence, an older brother of Vice President Mike Pence, appears to be preparing a run for Congress in Indiana’s 6th District.

In paperwork filed with the IRS, “Greg Pence for Congress Inc.” was formed to “establish a federal principal campaign committee exempt from federal income tax under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, for purposes of conducting a campaign in 2018 for the election of Greg Pence as United States Representative in Indiana.”

Greg Pence is currently serving as the statewide finance chairman for Messer’s Senate campaign.

A spokesperson for Messer’s Senate campaign did not immediately respond when asked for comment by ABC News.

Craig Kunkle is listed as the point of contact and custodian of records for Greg Pence's committee. Mr. Kunkle did not immediately reply when asked for comment by ABC News.

Democrats in the state pounced on the news.