What Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu Thinks About the Democratic Debate

ABC News talked with the former New Hampshire governor before the debate.

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Here's what he told us:

Sununu: "It's amazing we're getting all wound up about Bernie Sanders' breach of security over a voter list. People aren't really, on the Democratic side, that wound up about the security breaches that occurred with Mrs. Clinton's private server. It's another example of the Democrats' misplaced priorities."

Sununu: "I think the four or five people in New Hampshire who will watch the debate couldn't care less."

ABC News: Hillary Clinton is leading big nationally, but recent polling shows she's in a tight battle with Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. Is this liberal apathy toward Hillary Clinton reaching a critical mass?

Sununu: "This is the time for all the candidates to start ramping it up. It's going to be an interesting race, and I suspect that Trump will not do as well as Trump thinks he's going to do. And a couple of the other candidates will do a lot better than the press think they’re going to do."

ABC News: So what advice would you give to Republicans looking to take Trump down?

Sununu: "I think they should take him on directly and talk about the silliness of some of his rhetoric. Hugh Hewitt asked this question on the trail about the nuclear triad. Trump was absolutely tongue-tied. He sounded like he had never heard the word. If I were the other candidates, I'd keep hammering him."