Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Crisscross Battleground States Ahead of Election

They're also calling on others to campaign on their behalf.

At the event Monday night in Philadelphia billed as her “closing argument,” Clinton said the “best way to thank” the Obamas is “do something really important tomorrow: to vote.”

"Tomorrow, we face the test of our time," Clinton said.

Clinton also confessed, "I regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became."

A woman in the crowd shouted back, "Not your fault!" The crowd cheered and applauded. Then, Clinton made a slight against Trump: "And by the way, did any of you see those debates? Well, I stood next to Donald Trump for four and a half hours proving conclusively, I have the stamina to be president and commander in chief!"

For the Obamas, tonight was a farewell of sorts. The first lady introduced her husband and said that this was perhaps the last chance she would have to introduce him as the President of the United States. She said, “Speaking here tonight is perhaps the last and most important thing that I can do for my country as first lady."

"We are one day away from once again from making history," Michelle Obama said, adding later, "If we stay home or if we play around with a protest vote, then Hillary's opponent will win. Period. End of story."

President Obama then gave an impassioned speech about all he had accomplished as president and about what is at stake tomorrow.

"America, I'm betting on you one more time...," Obama said. "I'm betting that most Americans won't vote for someone who considers minorities and immigrants and people with disabilities as inferior, who considers people who practice different faiths as objects of suspicion."

While the Clinton campaign seemed to be pulling out all the stops, Trump also went full throttle Monday, hauling himself to five events in five states over twelve hours.

The Republican nominee began his day in the southeastern United States, stopping in Florida and North Carolina, before heading north to Pennsylvania and joining his running mate, Mike Pence, for an event in New Hampshire. Trump was also joined by his children there.

While Trump didn’t have any celebrities or big-named singers join him on stage at any of his rallies, Trump had laser beams and a fog machine at his rally in Manchester, NH.

"Boy what a combination, never been a better combination," Trump said. "But when you know them personally like I do they’re even better. Tomorrow we are going to win the great state of New Hampshire. And we are going to take back the White House."

Earlier at his first event in Sarasota, Fla., Trump urged the enthusiastic crowd of a few thousand to vote tomorrow, still claiming that’s “where you beat the rigging.”

“I see she's doing fine, I'm doing fine in the polls and all that stuff,” Trump said. “I don't know how, nobody goes to her rallies."

Trump has one last rally with Pence tonight in Michigan, while Clinton will end her night with a rally in Raleigh, NC.

ABC’s Candace Smith contributed to this report.