Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Huddle for 66 Minutes

Warren's support could be significant to Clinton.

ByABC News
June 10, 2016, 4:20 PM

— -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren huddled with Hillary Clinton at the presumptive Democratic nominee's Washington, D.C., home this morning, the day after the Massachusetts Democrat endorsed Clinton's bid for the White House.

Warren's visit to Clinton's home lasted 66 minutes. As she departed, Warren ignored questions from the media about what the two discussed in their meeting. A source familiar with the meeting tells ABC News that the two conferred about how they can work together in the upcoming general election campaign to advance the progressive agenda and defeat Donald Trump.

In announcing her support for Clinton during an interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Thursday night, Warren said she's "ready to get into this fight" to support Clinton and take on Donald Trump. The endorsement came after Warren had remained neutral throughout the Democratic Party primary.

Warren's support could be significant to Clinton as she looks to appeal to Bernie Sanders’ constituency, even as the Vermont senator has yet to exit the race. Warren, like Sanders, is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party for her advocacy on economic equality issues and taking on Wall Street.

Warren has been seen as a possible vice presidential candidate for Clinton. Asked about the speculation Thursday night, Warren said, "no," adding that she had not heard from Clinton nor her campaign about whether she is under consideration for the position.

On Tuesday night, during an exclusive interview with ABC News shortly before giving her acceptance speech, Clinton praised Warren and didn't rule out the prospect of having her on the ticket.

"I'm not going to get into vice presidential choices,” Clinton said, “but I have the highest regard for Senator Warren.”

Shortly after the Clinton-Warren meeting concluded, Trump tweeted a 2004 interview of Warren that implied Clinton had changed her support for a bankruptcy bill and was beholden to big-money lenders.

Asked by reporters about her meeting with Warren during a stop at Uprising Muffin Company in Washington, D.C., Clinton dodged the question by commenting on the drink in her hand, telling reporters, "You guys have got to try the cold chai."