Hillary Clinton Email Mystery Man: What We Know About Eric Hoteham

The private servers used by the Clintons were linked to Eric Hoteham.

— -- One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the discovery that Hillary Clinton used a personal email account and private server during her time as Secretary of State was the fact that the system was registered to a man that no one had ever heard of.

Who was Eric Hoteham? And why did he have at least three different email domains -- clintonemail.com, wjcoffice.com and presidentclinton.com -- registered in his name even though the domains apparently were based in the former first couple’s home in suburban New York?

On top of that, Hothem is thanked in Hillary Clinton’s 2003 memoir, “Living History.”

Hothem’s connection to the Clintons appears to drop off the public record shortly after the Clinton’s time in the White House ended.

Hothem did not answer requests for comment Wednesday and JP Morgan had “no comment” when asked about the story.

Although ABC News has not been able to definitively link them, The New York Times reported that the current JP Morgan employee is the same man as Clinton's former aide.

One difficulty connecting the man who registered the Clinton domain names to the former first lady’s aide stemmed from the differences in the spelling of the names.

However, according to Jonathan Mayer, a computer science expert at Stanford University, there are often contradictions or typographical errors in server records, so it could be a spelling error.