Hillary Clinton Says No Ground Troops in Iraq 'Ever Again'

Clinton vowed not to put ground troops into Iraq or Syria to defeat ISIS.

ByABC News
September 7, 2016, 9:45 PM

— -- Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said she wouldn't put ground troops in Iraq "ever again" and would not use boots on the ground to defeat ISIS.

"We are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again and we are not putting ground troops into Syria," the Democratic presidential nominee, who has consistently said she does not want to put ground troops into Iraq, said during a forum on national security on NBC News.

"We're going to defeat ISIS without committing American ground troops."

Clinton's remark came in response to a question from an Army veteran who asked the former secretary of state how she would determine when and where to deploy troops overseas, particularly when it comes to fighting ISIS.

"We have to defeat ISIS," Clinton said. "That is my highest counterterrorism goal. And we've got to do it with air power, we've got to do it with much more support for the Arabs and the Kurds who will fight on the ground against ISIS.

"We have to squeeze them by continuing to support the Iraqi military. They've taken back Ramadi, Fallujah, they've got to hold them. They've got to now get into Mosul. We're going to work to make sure that they have the support, they have special forces, as you know, they have enablers, they have surveillance intelligence, reconnaissance help."

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