Hillary Clinton Jokes Trump Probably Couldn’t Name Canadian Prime Minister

Clinton took shots at Trump during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Cracking a smile, she replied bluntly: “Um. No." (FYI, the prime minister of Canada is Justin Trudeau.)

Clinton has recently slammed Trump for, what she says are, “dangerous” policy proposals for combating ISIS. She continued to do so with Kimmel.

"If he’s the nominee, I look forward to debating him,” the former of secretary of state said during her second appearance on the show as a presidential candidate. “Because I actually think...most voters, when you start focusing on who can do the job, who can be President, who can be Commander in Chief, what you stand for, what you stay you will do, I think voters take that responsibility seriously and I look forward to debating him and trying to figure out where he stands on issues.”

Clinton, however, brushed off recent polls showing her ahead of Trump in a hypothetical match-up saying it’s “way too soon” to tell.