Hillary Clinton Jokes Trump Is Like a Kentucky ‘Show Horse’

Clinton made the joke at a campaign event not far from Churchill Downs.

May 15, 2016, 5:51 PM
PHOTO: Donald Trump, left, and Hillary Clinton campaign for President.
Donald Trump, left, and Hillary Clinton campaign for President.
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LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- Hillary Clinton is now tailoring her critiques of Donald Trump to her location.

While campaigning in Louisville today, just blocks away from Churchill Downs, the site of the Kentucky Derby, the Democratic presidential candidate appeared to go after her likely future opponent's gregarious personality by comparing him to a show horse.

"There's a saying in the senate, there are two kinds of Senators: There are show horses and work horses," Clinton said during her event at the Union of Carpenters and Millwrights Training Center while talking about working across party lines. "You all know a little bit about that here in Louisville, don't ya?

"I have to say it really lifted my spirits to see Exaggerator beaten in the Derby," she joked, referring to one of the horses that did not win this year's Kentucky Derby. "So, yeah I went to work with Republicans to solve problems."

Clinton made the comment at the start of her two-day swing through Kentucky, where she is making a big, last-minute push ahead of the primary on Tuesday.

Although she is in a heated race with Bernie Sanders in the state, Clinton has continued to wage two battles as she campaigns throughout the state: One against her current opponent, and one against Trump.

And thus today, Clinton once again took shot after shot at the man expected to be the Republican presidential nominee, casting him as an unqualified candidate who would be a risk to the country.

"Honestly, the things he said about the economy are just frightening," she said about his economic policy, and on Trump's foreign policy she said: "This is scary, dangerous talk."

Clinton started off the day by visiting two black churches in Louisville, where she also took a veiled shot at Trump's rhetoric.

"Sometimes you're all just biting your tongue," she said. "As someone who has seen a lot of mean things, I know it can be hurtful, but we can’t give in to that. We have to keep our eyes, our minds, our hearts, our souls on what we do to move toward that more perfect union. That is our destiny if we do our part."