Hillary Clinton Opens 9-Point Lead on Trump in New National Poll, Gains Among Independents, Sanders Supporters

Hillary Clinton leads, with 52 percent support.

ByABC News
August 1, 2016, 7:17 PM

— -- Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by 9 percentage points in a new national CNN/ORC poll released today -- making gains among independents and Bernie Sanders supporters.

Clinton got a 7 point bounce — now leading Trump 52 to 43 percent — after the Democratic convention, reaching her highest support in any poll since early May.

The poll comes with good and bad news for Clinton: More Clinton supporters say they have a positive view of their vote for her. In early May, fewer than half of Clinton's backers said their vote was more to show support for her than opposition to Trump. Now that number has climbed to 58 percent of her supporters.

She's consolidated support among women, non-whites and independents since the Democratic convention, according to the poll. Clinton now garners 50 percent of independent voters -- up 13 percentage points since last weekend. She also holds more commanding leads among women and non-whites.

Still, her honesty and trustworthy numbers remain stalled at 34 percent after the convention —- the same spot for her two weeks ago.

But Clinton has consolidated her support among primary voters who backed Bernie Sanders as well. Before the convention, Clinton garnered only 78 percent of Sanders supporters last weekend, with 12 percent going to Trump, 6 percent voting for neither and 4 percent voting for a third party candidate.

But now, 91 percent of Sanders backers say they will vote for Clinton and 6 for Trump, who has predicted that the Vermont lawmaker's supporters will come to his side.

Clinton leads Trump by 7 percentage points in a four-way matchup as well, with Gary Johnson garnering 9 percent support and Jill Stein at 5 percent.

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