Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina Democratic Primary

Clinton received a big boost from South Carolina black voters.

Clinton received a big boost from black voters who accounted for 62 percent of South Carolina Democratic primary voters in exit poll results, breaking the state’s record of 55 percent in 2008. Clinton won 84 percent of their votes, a crushing score.

"Tomorrow this campaign goes national," Clinton said in her victory speech in Columbia, South Carolina Saturday night looking ahead to Super Tuesday. "We are going to compete for every vote in every state. We are not taking anything, and we're not taking anyone, for granted."

In a written statement, Sanders congratulated Clinton on her win.

"Let me be clear on one thing tonight. This campaign is just beginning,” Sanders said. “We won a decisive victory in New Hampshire. She won a decisive victory in South Carolina. Now it’s on to Super Tuesday.”

According to exit poll results, more South Carolina voters say they’d be satisfied with Clinton as the eventual nominee than Sanders, eight in 10 versus six in 10. That’s a reversal from New Hampshire, where more said they’d be satisfied with Sanders (79 percent) than with Clinton (62 percent).

The ABC News Analysis Desk contributed reporting.