Hillary Clinton Pulls Ahead of Donald Trump After First Debate, Poll Shows

The CNN poll put Clinton up by 5 points.

Clinton earns 47 percent support vs. 42 percent support for Trump in the CNN/ORC survey released on Monday afternoon. Clinton's support climbed slightly after the debate from a neck-and-neck match-up last month.

Another national poll from CBS News also shows Clinton with a slight lead, 45 percent vs. 41 percent.

Nearly two-in-three Americans who watched the debate last week told CNN that Clinton won the debate, compared to only a quarter who said that Trump won the debate. The survey was conducted from Sept. 28 - Oct. 2 and the first debate was on Sept. 26.

Clinton's climb comes mostly from cutting Trump's lead among men and whites without a college degree while also opening up a lead over Trump among independents.

A series of battleground state polls from Quinnipiac today showed tight races with races in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania within the margin of error.