Hillary Clinton Records Video Message for Trump Supporter

Clinton volunteer asks candidate to change her dad's support for Trump.

ByABC News
December 17, 2015, 1:22 AM

— -- Kayla Helmers, a Hillary Clinton campaign volunteer, and her mom, Lynel, attended a Clinton town hall Wednesday night in their hometown of Mason City, Iowa. But, Kayla's dad Shawn Starry did not attend the event with his family because, according to his daughter, "he's a huge Donald Trump fan." That's why Helmers devised a plan to try and convince her dad to vote for the former secretary of state.

"My dad is a Donald Trump supporter. Can you give him a message?" Helmers asked Hillary Clinton on the ropeline after Clinton's event had concluded. The Democratic frontrunner laughed and then asked for her father's name.

“Hi Shawn, I’m here with your daughter and I hope you can see I don’t have horns," Clinton said to the cellphone camera. "I really do hope that, as this election goes on, you’ll listen to your daughter. Thanks, bye.”

Helmers immediately texted the video to her dad, who she said was slow to respond, but would be very surprised by the personalized recording.

At a campaign event in Omaha, Nebraska, earlier in the day, Clinton first made the "horns" joke in reference to her likability, urging the crowd to talk to their Republican friends to let them know, "first...I don't have horns." Then, Clinton told the crowd the the economy works better when a Democrat is in office.