Hillary Clinton Has 'No Other Undisclosed Condition,' Campaign Says

The campaign said it would release "additional medical information."

Fallon said Monday, "There is no other undisclosed condition."

Pressed on what the additional medical information may reveal, Fallon said Clinton's doctor indicated that "there was nothing here in terms of anything that was caused by what happened in 2012," referring to the candidate's suffering from a blood clot four years ago. "All of that, I think, will be indicated in the further material that we are going to release this week," he said.

ABC News has confirmed that Trump, who released a short note from his doctor claiming he would be "the healthiest individual ever elected," recently had a physical exam and told Fox he will be releasing "specific numbers."

Neither of the two major-party presidential candidates has yet divulged full medical records.

"Why not go first?" Muir pressed.

"I might do that. I might do that," Trump answered. "In fact, now that you ask, I think I will do that."

Even with the pneumonia diagnosis, the Clinton campaign continues to say the medical information it has already released "far exceeds" what Trump has put out.

"Between her health records, her e-mails, her schedules from when she was secretary of state, three-plus decades worth of taxes, the reality is there is more information out there about Hillary Clinton than any nominee in modern presidential history," said Fallon.