Hillary Clinton Says She’s 'Confident' She Did Not Send or Receive Classified Information

Clinton brushed off new investigation into her use of a personal email at State.

ByABC News
July 25, 2015, 9:45 PM

WINTERSET, Iowa -- Hillary Clinton today brushed off a new investigation into whether she sent or received classified information on her personal email address while at the State Department, telling reporters she is "confident" she did not.

"First, let me say that I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received," Clinton told reporters at the Third District Democrats Summer Wine Down in Winterset. "I think you're seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion, to some extent disagreement, among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released."

Clinton went on to explain that she did not have to make all of her emails available to the public when she turned them over to the State Department, and argued that the new investigation is only a consequence of her doing so.

"If I just turned it over, we would not be having this conversation. But when I said, 'Hey, I want it to be public,' it has to go through the FOIA process. That's what's going on here," Clinton said. "This is all about my desire to have transparency and to make the information public."

Clinton’s comments come amid a new development into Clinton's controversial use of a private email address while at the State Department.

Internal investigators for the intelligence community say that of the 55,000 emails Clinton turned over to the State Department, at least four –- and potentially hundreds more -– included classified national security information when they were sent on her private email account and home server.

The investigation has renewed questions about whether Clinton did send classified material over email, something she adamantly denied back in March when it was first revealed that she used her private server for business.

Today Clinton doubled down on her beliefs, saying, "The facts are pretty clear: I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time."

Clinton also revealed today that she is planning to testify before the House Committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attacks in late October. During the hearing, which will be public, Clinton will likely also take questions on her use of email.