Hillary Clinton Showers Elizabeth Warren With ‘Love’

Clinton professed her love for Warren at a rally for Martha Coakley

"I love watching Elizabeth," Clinton gushed about the populist Massachusetts senator. "You know, give it to those who deserve to get it. Standing up not only for you, but people with the same needs and same wants across our country. It's a great pleasure to be here in a state that has such tremendous tradition of leadership."

However, the two did not appear on stage together at the rally, and there's been speculation both might consider a run in 2016, even though Warren has denied it. Clinton has not announced whether she will run.

Warren was also kind to Clinton, but not nearly as effusive.

"I'm happy to welcome Secretary Clinton back to the commonwealth," Warren said. "We love it."

Warren seemed to downplay their relationship in a recent interview with People.

"We have talked. It's not much more than that," Warren told the magazine. "Not much more."

They did, however, exchange stories about their grandchildren backstage.

"Backstage before we came on, Governor (Patrick Deval) and Senator Warren were trading grandchild stories. I don’t even have a month's worth of stories," Clinton said. "Looking at the smile on Elizabeth's face and the excitement on Deval's face, I thought when all is said and done that's what this is supposed to be about."

Clinton used the anecdote to introduce a line that has become a staple of her 2014 campaign speeches: "How do we give the best future we can to every single child? You should not have to be a grandchild of a governor, a senator, a secretary of state to have the same opportunity that we were given in previous years."

Both Clinton and Warren have been busy this fall campaigning on behalf of Democratic candidates. On Sunday, Warren will be on the campaign trail in New Hampshire and on Wednesday, Clinton heads to Iowa.