Hillary Clinton Slams GOP for Ignoring College Debt at Debate

Clinton specifically called out Scott Walker for 'slashing' college funds.

“You take somebody like Governor Walker of Wisconsin who seems to be delighted in slashing the investment in higher education in his state,” she said. “Eliminating the opportunities for young people who are doctors or dentists to actually work in underserved areas in return for having their debts relieved; ending scholarships for poor kids; and most surprisingly to me, rejecting legislation that would have made it tax deductible for you, on your income tax, to deduct the amount of your loan payment."

Walker took to Twitter Tuesday to fight back against Clinton.

Late Monday night, the two began fighting on Twitter about Clinton’s college debt plan. They went back and forth, changing each other’s graphics and scribbling on each other’s campaign slogans.

The fight will continue Tuesday night, as Jeb Bush is expected to deliver a foreign policy speech blaming Clinton for the rise of ISIS.

Additional reporting by Jordyn Phelps.