Hillary Clinton Slated to Spend 53 Times as Much as Donald Trump on Florida TV Ads

Clinton will spend $37 million in Florida. Trump will spend less than $1 million

ByABC News
September 20, 2016, 3:17 PM

— -- With seven weeks until Election Day, Hillary Clinton and her allies are set to outspend Donald Trump and his allies by wide margins during the homestretch.

A whopping 95 percent of all campaign television ad spending scheduled between today and Election Day — more than $143 million worth — comes from Clinton’s team, according to an ABC News analysis of CMAG/Kantar Media data.

Team Clinton will spend $143.2 million on television ads, versus only $6.8 million for Team Trump.

The difference in future spending in key battleground states is even starker — with Team Clinton slated to spend 53 times as much as Team Trump on television ads in Florida between now and Nov. 8.

In Florida, Clinton is spending $36.6 million, versus just under $700,000 for Trump. The differences continue in Ohio ($20.9 million versus $1.8 million), Pennsylvania ($18.8 million versus $1.5 million) and North Carolina ($14.3 million versus $1.3 million.)

Those are crucial states for Trump’s campaign. If he wins all four, he will almost certainly land in the White House. If he loses even one, it will be very difficult for Clinton to lose the general election. Recent polling in these states has shown a tight matchup but a lead for Clinton in Pennsylvania.

While ads for the campaigns are guaranteed to be at lower prices during these final 60 days, outside groups can get charged steep prices. That’s why it’s important that Priorities USA Action has already scheduled so many ads: It will be paying less than Trump’s outside groups — like the NRA and his super PACs — will be paying if they try to schedule ads now.

Clinton’s campaign is footing the bill for slightly more than half her scheduled television advertising, while Trump’s campaign is slated for about $4 in $10. Clinton’s behemoth super PAC accounts for virtually all the rest of pro-Clinton spending, and Trump’s spending is splintered among the NRA and two other super PACs.

Team Clinton has already spent $174 million on television ads during the general election, versus a mere $40 million for Trump and his allies. The contrast is also stark when comparing only the campaigns: $110.7 million for Clinton versus $18.7 million for Trump.

Team Clinton Future Ads
Florida: $36.6 million
Ohio: $20.9 million
Pennsylvania: $18.8 million
North Carolina: $14.3 million
Nevada: $10.1 million
New Hampshire: $7.3 million
Iowa: $7.1 million
Colorado: $5.8 million
Virginia: $0.5 million
Nebraska: $0.2 million
National: $21.6 million
Total: $143.2 million

Team Trump Future Ads
Ohio: $1.8 million
Pennsylvania: $1.5 million
North Carolina: $1.3 million
Florida: $0.7 million
Colorado: $0.3 million
Iowa: $0.2 million
New Hampshire: $0.1 million
Maine: $0.1 million
National: $0.6 million
Total: $6.8 million

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