Hillary Clinton to Unleash Her 'Not So Secret Weapon' Bill Clinton in January

Former President Clinton appeared with his wife after the debate Saturday.

ByABC News
December 20, 2015, 5:05 PM

— -- Former President Bill Clinton joined his wife Hillary in a surprise appearance after the third Democratic debate at a watch party, in Manchester, New Hampshire, Saturday night.

Clinton stood side by side with her husband, saying the former president will be out on the campaign trail in January.

“I think this is fair to say that starting in January, I will have my not so secret weapon," she said. "We’re going to cover as much ground as we possibly can.”

It was the first time the former president made a public appearance immediately following one of the debates.

President Clinton also took to the mic to address the crowd at the local tavern.

“I’ve noticed that most successful presidents are those that get elected in a time where they are suited to govern and she’s the best qualified person for the time at the moment that I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Clinton lost the primary election in the Granite State during his first presidential run, but he came in a firm second place, famously declaring himself the “Comeback Kid.”

“I do look forward to coming back,” he said. “But if there’s one thing I learned about New Hampshire, it’s that you’ll rise or fall on the people who are for you, the people who work for you.”

Clinton added he was proud of his wife as he appealed to voters.

"This is a very, very big deal, and I’m very grateful," he said. "I was so proud of her tonight, but the proof is in the voting.”

He also encouraged supporters to take a break before the New Year.

“We got to be out there every single day after you take an appropriate holiday vacation, so I will see you in January,” Clinton said.

Clinton has been admittedly quiet this election cycle but has hosted a number of private fundraiser for his wife. Chelsea Clinton has also started fundraising for her mother, hosting a family-friendly one last week hosted by Drew Barrymore.