Hillary Clinton's Possible Paths to Victory

She and Donald Trump are each fighting for 270 electoral votes.

Of all the competitive states on this year's map, only Florida needs to go into Clinton's column for her to win the race. If she loses Florida but wins Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania, all of which Democrats won in 2012, then she still triumphs.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook does not seem worried about Trump's latest plays in Michigan and other typically Democratic states like Minnesota and Wisconsin.

"I don't think Donald Trump dashing around to these states at the last hour is going to do what's needed to get his supporters out," he said.

One of the keys to Mook's confidence? Early voting numbers.

"We saw just eye-popping turnout in Florida over the last two days, particularly in our strongholds of southern Florida, North Carolina and elsewhere, so we're very encouraged, very positive," he said.