'House of Horrors,' 'Trump Triumphs:' How US Newspaper Front Pages Are Reporting Donald Trump's Win

"House of Horrors" and "Trump Triumphs" were among post-election day headlines.

Here's a look at how American newspapers' front pages and headlines are reporting Trump as the new President-elect:

New York Daily News

Headline: "House of Horrors: Trump seizes Divided States of America"

The New York Times

Headline: "Trump Triumphs: Outsider mogul captures the presidency, stunning Clinton in battleground states"

Los Angeles Times

Headline: "Stunning Trump Win"

Headline: "President Trump: In stunning upset, billionaire candidate scores White House victory"

Headline: "President Trump: Populist surge lifts Republican to upset"

The Washington Post

Headline: "Trump triumphs: Voter scorn for status quo propels upset of Clinton"