Inside the DNC's War Room for Trump Cabinet Confirmation Hearings

ABC News got an exclusive look at the DNC's operations.

January 11, 2017, 5:04 PM

— -- With confirmation hearings underway for Donald Trump's Cabinet picks, ABC News obtained an exclusive look at the Democratic National Committee's war room where they are providing rapid response to testimony from Cabinet nominees.

A dozen DNC staffers are currently huddled together in a conference room at DNC headquarters, where they are watching Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing -- fact checking his testimony and finding areas where the former ExxonMobil CEO differs from Trump.

"These are people who have experience and built-in knowledge about Donald Trump and who have spent the last several months collecting information, dossiers, past statements, conflicts of interest in preparation for these hearings, so that we can inform reporters as well as Americans as well as helping progressive groups who are mounting opposition and keep them informed on what they need to know about why these Cabinet nominees are a real problem for the United States," Zac Petkanas, director of the DNC's Trump Cabinet war room, told ABC News.

The DNC will conduct war rooms for the hearings of eight nominees whom Senate Minority Leader Schumer has said Democrats will target during confirmation hearings.

On Tuesday, the DNC ran a war room focusing on Trump's Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions. They will also set up war room operations for the confirmation hearings of Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos; EPA Administrator nominee Scott Pruitt; Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder; OMB Director nominee Mick Mulvaney; Health and Human Services Secretary nominee Tom Price; and Treasury Secretary nominee Steve Mnuchin.

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