Ivanka Trump Introduces Her Father Donald at the RNC: He Is 'the People's Champion'

She also highlighted Donald Trump's willingness to fight for women.

"For more than a year," she said of his run for the presidency, "Donald Trump has been the people's champion."

Ivanka Trump, 34, described her father as the type of leader who transcended politics and said she personally didn't consider herself "categorically Republican or Democrat."

"Real change is only going to come from outside of the system," she said, highlighting the fact that her father is not a career politician.

"I have seen him fight for his employees," she said. "Now, I am seeing him fight for his country."

She called her father "famous but not well-known," describing him as warm and caring. She added that the "hard-working men and women of this country identify with my father."

She also described him as a candidate who will fight for women.

He "will fight for equal pay and equal work" for women, she said, "and I will fight for it right alongside of him."

She was the fourth of Trump's children to speak at the RNC.

Promoting her father's brand is familiar territory for Ivanka Trump, who has both advocated for and defended her father throughout his campaign.

In the interview, Ivanka Trump acknowledged that her father's comments have “gotten him into trouble occasionally,” but said that the fact that he engages directly with voters on social media is powerful because it shows autonomy and that he isn't afraid to speak his mind.

“The only filter is himself,” Ivanka Trump said of her father's speaking style.