Jeb Bush Takes Jab at Hillary Clinton: 'I Don’t Need to Go to Chipotle'

Bush makes chipotle at home.

“I actually cook it at home. I don’t need to go to Chipotle,” Bush said at a Republican gathering at the Snow Shoe Club here when asked whether he goes to the burrito restaurant.

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“Do I go there? Yeah, I go there. The one on US 1. Drive my own car, park my own car, get out of my own car,” he said. “Get Chipotle, take it home.” (Notably when Bush left the event tonight, he sat in the passenger’s seat of the black SUV that awaited him.)

“But we normally cook our own food, my own Mexican food at home. It’s pretty good,” he said.

Bush has previously talked about his love of cooking Mexican food, saying he makes a “really good guacamole.”