Jeb Bush's New Boots Are Made for Mocking Donald Trump

PHOTO: Republican presidential Jeb Bush purchased a new pair of Timberland boots after his campaign event in New Hampshire Jan. 22, 2016.
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WATCH Jeb Bush's New Boots Are Made For Mocking Trump

After Marco Rubio's apparent footwear faux pas, most candidates might have avoided anything to do with boots.

Not Jeb Bush.

The Republican presidential candidate, after his town hall at a Timberland headquarters here in Stratham, New Hampshire, decided to do a little shopping. When he emerged, he showed reporters his new pair of Timberland boots, size 12.

When asked if his boots had high heels, Bush demurred.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said, smiling.

He did take an opportunity to distinguish himself from the front-running candidate.

“These boots will match up really well against the fine Italian shoes that Donald Trump wears with his Brioni suits and his $500 ties," he said, laughing.

He proudly touted that his boots were American-made.

He often dons his personalized cowboy boots but these could be a ready-made replacement for the blustery New Hampshire and Iowa winters he encounters, as well as combating storms of other sorts.

"I might bring them out for debate purposes," he said, laughing.