Joe Biden: Donald Trump 'Makes Me Sad'

PHOTO: Vice President Joe Biden participates in a tribute to former Vice President Walter Mondale, Oct. 20, 2015, at George Washington University in Washington.PlayAP Photo
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Vice President Joe Biden has said that he finds some of the comments made by GOP front-runner Donald Trump over the course of his campaign to be discouraging.

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“When I listen to some of the stuff Donald Trump says it just makes me sad,” Biden said in an interview with Billboard.

“It’s never, never been wise to try and appeal to the darker side of human nature," he added. "Abraham Lincoln was right -- it’s about appealing to our better angels. That’s who Americans are and that’s what they want.”

Asked whether it was “disconcerting” for a candidate to promote “aggression among his supporters,” the vice president said it was “the antithesis of everything this country is about.”

Earlier this month, the vice president joked that he wanted to “thank Donald Trump” because his campaign rhetoric is “making the American people look in the mirror.”

“Maybe the divisiveness, particularly with the other team right now, maybe it’s a good thing, to awaken the American people about the subtle and not so subtle deals going on,” Biden said at an event in honor of Black History Month.