Joe Biden on the Many Faces of Joe Biden at SOTU

How the VP worked harder than the president on State of the Union night.

“The president has a teleprompter,” Johnson said just before Biden’s remarks to the U.S. Conference of Mayors Thursday. "There's no chance he's going to mess up too bad."

“The real pressure is on the vice president, who in every single TV shot is responsible for assuring that he has the appropriate reaction.”

The vice president said he told his wife, “’you know, the camera’s on the whole time.’”

“‘You know,’ I said, ‘It’s hard to keep the appropriate look,’” Biden told the audience.

Here’s what Johnson dubbed the “patriot strong” look:

Here’s “pensive and thoughtful:”

And here’s the “hey boss, I think you nailed that one!”

Biden responded to the jokes with a smile: “I tell you what man, there’s nothing like sarcasm to know you’re welcome!”