John Kasich: Donald Trump 'Not Prepared' to Be President

Kasich unleashed his harshest criticism yet of Trump on "GMA" this morning.

The remarks came after Kasich released a statement earlier this morning saying, "The past 24 hours revealed in the clearest way yet that Donald Trump is not prepared to be President."

“It’s like a panoply of mistakes and outrageous statements," Kasich said, explaining the statement on "GMA." "You know what it is with Donald? It’s just a stream of consciousness.”

He added: "Things that are coming out of Donald’s mouth that are just, they’re just basically irresponsible.”

On a lighter note, Kasich defended using a fork to eat his first bite of New York pizza on Wednesday, a practice frowned upon in the Big Apple.

"The pizza came scalding hot, so I used a little fork," Kasich said. He said his wife was proud of him and told him, "You finally learned how to use a utensil properly."