Karl Rove: The White House is 'better off' without Stephen Bannon

Rove said Bannon "will do less damage [at Breitbart] than in the West Wing."

Bannon has returned to Breitbart as executive chairman.

Rove also claimed that Bannon is trying to remain in charge and to keep his agenda alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Mr. Bannon is not the first staffer to believe the White House agenda must mirror his own," Rove writes. "But no other aide in memory has had such grandiose or destructive plans for trying to remain in charge after being shown the door."

Writes Rove, "Memo to the White House: The worst way to strengthen a president is publicly to blame his difficulties on allies. The least effective way to pass an agenda is to threaten the president’s party in Congress."