Kellyanne Conway on 'Couchgate': 'I obviously meant no disrespect'

Photos of the president's adviser ignited debate about decorum in Oval Office.

The photos ignited a debate about decorum in the White House, and Conway's respect for the office of the president.

In an interview with Fox News Tuesday night, Conway explained, "I was asked to take the picture. We had a crowded room. We never had so many people in the Oval Office in this young administration gathering of men women at one time to take a picture. There was literally nowhere to stand. The press had come in. A couple of them had asked me to take pictures and text it to them right away. And I did that. I just snapped at that angle. I needed to get the better angle ... Then I texted it to a few of them, and then it was over in a matter of quick moments."

Conway took issue with critics who questioned her Oval Office etiquette.

"I, of course, respect the office of the president and its current president," she said. "I'm glad there is such a renewed interest in showing respect for the office of the president. I obviously meant no disrespect. I'm always amazed what actually qualifies as news on a day when there is so much of it."