First lady Melania Trump forgoes headscarf in Saudi Arabia

The first lady follows the example of her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

Women here, including visitors and foreign dignitaries, are expected to be fully covered in public, including their head and hair, per religious and legal code.

When Michelle Obama visited with her husband in January 2015, her flouting of the custom was seen by some as a sign of disrespect to her hosts. The White House at the time said she intended to make a statement in a country where women have few rights.

One of those critical of her move: Donald Trump.

The Trumps did seem to get a little political cover beforef their visit from Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Adel bin Ahmen al-Jubier, who told local media last week, "We welcome any style of clothing."

Al-Jubier said the government "usually doesn't demand" but makes "suggestions" to visiting female dignitaries.