Marco Rubio 'Deeply Concerned' About Possible Donald Trump Cuba Business

A report claims a Trump-owned company violated the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba.

“This is something they’re going to have to give a response to. I mean, it was a violation of American law, if that’s how it happened,” Rubio said on the ESPN/ABC “Capital Games” podcast.

According to Newsweek, Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts paid a consulting firm to help the company in the event the U.S. loosened trade restrictions. The consulting firm and the Trump company later attempted to cover up the transaction by making it look like legal spending for a charity.

Rubio, a former presidential candidate, insisted he would reserve judgment until he had learned all the facts.

“I hope the Trump campaign is going to come forward and answer some questions about this, because if what the article says is true — and I’m not saying that it is, we don’t know with a hundred percent certainty — I’d be deeply concerned about it. I would,” he said.

Rubio has long been a strong supporter of the embargo of Cuba. He endorsed Trump in late May, after a competitive primary season that saw Trump win by a landslide in Rubio’s home state.