Martin O'Malley: 2016 Democratic Candidate Says, 'We Need to Get Things Done Again'

Democratic candidate attacks rival, Hillary Clinton, touting "new leadership."

On the campaign trail, O'Malley has attacked Clinton for what he says is a close relationship to Wall Street.

O'Malley told Stephanopoulos that the "people of the United States, not Wall Street," should to decide the next president, and leaders on Wall Street allegedly seeming OK with a Clinton or a Bush in the White House should be "wake-up call for all of us."

O'Malley responded by saying the country faces "different challenges now." He told Stephanopoulos the most notable difference between then and now was the 2008 economic crash, adding that since then the country had failed to reign in the "excess of Wall Street."

"I believe we need new leadership," he said. "We need to get things done again."

He said that he called Clinton this week and said he told her he was looking forward to "a robust conversation about the issues that face our country."

For fans of his other talents -- singing and playing guitar -- O'Malley said stay tuned.

"When I go through Iowa and New Hampshire, guitars seem to fall out of the rafters," he joked, saying that supporters can expect to see him strumming again soon.