Martin O’Malley: 'I Intend to Win' Democratic Presidential Race

"I kind of like tough fights," former Maryland governor says.

"I kind of like tough fights," he continued. "Maybe the toughness of the fight is how the hidden God lets us know we are fighting for something worth saving."

O'Malley is polling at around 2 percent nationwide among Democratic leaning voters, according to the most recent ABC/Washington Post Poll. In New Hampshire, one WMUR and NPR poll from earlier this month had him at just 1 percent in the state.

Asked how exactly he planned to break through these single digits in the polls, O'Malley answered simply that he was "going to keep on going." He said he would continue campaigning as he has been: "One living room at a time.”

"It's my sense both here and Iowa, that after Labor Day people's attention really shifts and [voters] are only now focusing in," he said.

This was O'Malley's seventh trip to New Hampshire since announcing.