Meet the Most Interesting 2016 Candidates You've Never Heard Of

A whopping 512 candidates have filed to run for president.

Here are some highlights of the men, women and animals who hope to be your next president.

For Limberbutt McCubbins, a 5-year old cat from Louisville, “meow is the time” to jump in the race. Running on a platform of gay cat marriage, catnip legalization and support for the Affordable Cat Act, the feline has nailed down an endorsement from Jezebel and plenty of media attention in recent months. Turk “You Only Live Nine Times” Fratterson is another cat candidate out of Santa Monica, California.

Deez Nuts: Running as an independent from Wallingford, Iowa; population 197, so he shouldn’t be too hard to find. Deez Nuts has gone viral and has quite the fan base. According to a press release by Public Policy Polling, on August 11, three percent of voters had a favorable opinion of the candidate.

Christopher Earl Strunk: He was fined $177,000 by a New York State judge for what was deemed a "frivolous" lawsuit Strunk filed to have President Obama removed from the 2012 ballot. The “birther” filed the lawsuit based on the belief that Obama’s birthplace made him ineligible to be president.

New Jersey native Jeff Boss, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, has tried his luck at various offices, including two runs as an independent candidate for president in 2008 and 2012. His run for Senate hinged on his idea that the “NSA did 9/11.”

Self-proclaimed billionaire Josue Larose may be an unknown in the 2016 race, but Florida locals know him as the man who singlehandedly created over 300 PACs and doubled the number of political parties in the state per local reports.

Pogo Mochello Allen-Reese, known as San Antonio's "Magic Mike" mayoral candidate, is an exotic dancer and one of many who wish to secure the Republican nomination.