Meet The Iowa Family Hosting a Caucus In Their Living Room

Tonight, Democrats and Republicans will hold their breath across the country.

— -- Tonight, Democrats and Republicans will hold their breath across the country as Iowans take part in the first-in-the nation caucuses.

Throughout the Hawkeye state, caucuses will be held in elementary schools, churches, a gun store, a grain elevator and even in homes.

Five homes will host a caucus -- three for Democrats and two for Republicans. One of them -- for the Dems -- will be at the Rippey, Iowa home of Gary and Mary Weaver.

Mary Weaver, 71, and Gary Weaver, 72, are farmers who live three miles from Rippey on a 1,000-acre plot. Democrats who "believe in democratic principles," they will be hosting their fourth presidential caucus.

“We are very rural,” she added. “Our neighbors would need to drive 20 to 25 miles to the nearest caucus site.”

There are about 120 registered voters who will be able to come by the Weaver home tonight and they expect about 80.

“It’s great to see our neighbors talking about local and public issues.” Weaver said.

Mary Weaver said her living room, dining room, and kitchen are all connected and would be able to hold a large group of people. If there's an "overflow," she said, her husband's office was also available.

There will be treats for those who come including "snacks and finger foods" for the reporters and caucus officials as well as coffee and "little Rice Krispie bars" for the caucus-goers tonight.

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