Meet Jim Webb: Everything You Need to Know (And Probably Didn’t Know) About The 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

And a few things you probably didn’t know.

July 27, 2015 — -- Name: James Henry “Jim” Webb

Party: Democrat

Declared as a candidate: July 2, 2015. Webb took many by surprise with a tweet from his account linking to his page as a candidate with an official announcement.

In his own words: “Our elected officials need to get back to the basics of good governance and to remember that their principal obligations are to protect our national interests abroad and to ensure a level playing field here at home, especially for those who otherwise have no voice in the corridors of power.”

Family tree: Webb says he can trace his family roots back to Scots-Irish settlers who arrived in the US in the 18th century. In 2004, he wrote “Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America,” chronicling the history of Scots-Irish settlers in America; he also narrated a television version on the Smithsonian Channel. Today, he lives with his wife, attorney Hong Le Webb, in Virginia. He has six children.

What you might not know about him: He is fluent in Vietnamese, which apparently helped him win over his wife Hong Le, who fled to the U.S. after the fall of Saigon. Hong Le Webb described in a 2006 Washington Post profile how her husband’s love of Vietnamese people and culture, as well as his knowledge of the language, impressed her.