Megyn Kelly Says Donald Trump Needs to Do Better With Women

Kelly says her interview with Trump shows him "as you haven't seen him before"

“I think that Republican women have warmed a little to Trump,” Kelly said, noting that Romney lost the female vote to President Obama by 11 points in 2012. “The Republican candidate is going to need to do better than Mitt Romney did.”

Kelly said the female vote will be determined by whether women can tolerate the nature of some of Trump’s recent language about them, including her.

“The question remains to be seen whether they will vote or it will impact their vote to have a candidate who speaks in the way that Trump does and has for most of his lifetime about women,” Kelly said.

A one-on-one interview with Kelly and Trump is set to air Tuesday night on FOX Broadcast at 8 p.m. ET. She said it took her some time to find the right time to reach out to the billionaire real estate developer.

“In April there was a lull in the tweet storm, and I seized on the opportunity,” Kelly said. “I had been looking for months for just the right window to go in there. But every time I thought I was there, he’d start up again, whether it was boycotting the second Fox News debate or calling me crazy and sick after the third debate.”

“I think you will see him as you haven’t seen him before,” Kelly said. “I would say overall the tone was cordial, but there will be some moments where people will be feeling a little uncomfortable.”