Mike Pence’s Foreign Policy Response to 11-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral

The girl said Trump’s words make her “feel bad about herself."

— -- Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence’s response to an 11-year-old girl has been reverberating on social media.

Speaking to a local Columbus, Ohio TV station last night, Pence was asked how he would respond to a girl who told the station’s staff that Donald Trump’s words make her “feel bad about herself.” According to the station, WBNS-10TV, the girl’s comments were “completely unsolicited.”

Pence answered by pivoting to foreign policy.

"Well I would say to any one of my kids and any children in this country that Donald Trump and I are committed to a safer and more prosperous future for their family. The weak and feckless foreign policy that Hillary Clinton promises to continue has literally caused wider areas of the world to spin apart,” he said.

“The rise of terrorist threats that have inspired violence here at home, and we’ve seen an erosion of law and order in our streets. And we’ve seen opportunities and jobs evaporate and even leave Ohio and leave this country. I would say to any of our kids that if Donald Trump and I have the chance to serve in the White House that we’re going to work every day for a stronger, safer and more prosperous America, he went on.

His response garnered plenty of criticism from the Twittersphere.